The Hamster Play Bal Running Wheel is a silent and durable treadmill wheel for small pets like hamsters, rats, and guinea pigs.

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The Hamster Play Bal Running Wheel Silent Golden Bear Treadmill Wheel is the perfect addition to your small pet’s cage. It provides endless hours of exercise and entertainment for your hamster, rat, or guinea pig. The wheel is designed to be silent, ensuring a peaceful environment for your pet. The durable construction and non-slip surface allow for safe and smooth running. This treadmill wheel is a must-have for any small pet owner looking to keep their furry friend active and happy.


Black no Bracket, Blue no Bracket, Red no Bracket, Pink no Bracket, Green no Bracket, Purple no Bracket, Cyan no Bracket, Pink with Bracket, Green with Bracket, Cyan with Bracket, Blue with Bracket, Red with Bracket, Purple with Bracket, Black With Bracket


Diameter 12cm, Diameter 14cm, Diameter 17.5cm, Diameter 21.5cm


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