The Rustle Sound Catnip Toy is a cute and durable cat toy made with high-quality soft plush material. It features a thumb pillow design for teeth grinding and contains catnip for added stimulation. The rustling sound inside adds extra fun to playtime.

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The Rustle Sound Catnip Toy is the perfect playtime companion for your feline friend. Made with high-quality soft plush material, this toy features a unique thumb pillow design perfect for cats to chew and grind their teeth. The toy also contains catnip, which is known to attract and stimulate cats, making playtime even more exciting. The rustling sound inside the toy adds an extra element of fun, keeping your cat entertained for hours. This toy is cute and durable, ensuring long-lasting play and enjoyment for your pet. With its adorable design and multiple benefits, the Rustle Sound Catnip Toy is a must-have for every cat owner.


Green, Blue, Dark Brown, Rosy Red, Orange, Gray




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