Keep your pet bird entertained and their beak healthy with the Pet Bird Chewing Toy. Made from durable cotton rope, this toy is designed to hang in bird cages and provide hours of chewing and playing fun.

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The Pet Bird Chewing Toy is a must-have for bird owners! Made from durable cotton rope, this toy provides an engaging chewing experience for your pet bird, helping to keep their beak healthy and entertained. The bridge design allows for easy hanging in bird cages, and the bright colors visually stimulate birds. Whether you have a parrot, cockatiel, or any other pet bird, this toy is perfect for training, playing, and keeping your feathered friend happy and active.


Yellow 15.5cm, Rose 15.5cm, Green 15.5cm, Blue 20cm, Orange 20cm, Red 20cm, B 8cm, B 10cm


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