Enhance your aquarium with the Aquarium Light LED Waterproof Fish Tank Light. It provides beautiful underwater lighting and promotes plant growth. Available in various lengths and compatible with EU and US power outlets.

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The Aquarium Light LED Waterproof Fish Tank Light is the perfect lighting solution for your aquatic environment. With its underwater fish lamp design, it not only provides beautiful lighting for your fish tank but also promotes the growth of aquatic plants. This energy-efficient light has a power of 5W and is available in various lengths from 15-55CM. It comes with EU and US plug options, ensuring compatibility with different power outlets. The waterproof feature ensures safe and long-lasting use. Enhance the beauty of your aquarium and create a healthy environment for your fish and plants with this versatile LED light.


EU Plug-15cm, US Plug-15cm, EU Plug-25.5cm, US Plug-25.5cm, EU Plug-35.5cm, US Plug-35.5cm, EU Plug-45.5cm, US Plug-45.5cm, EU Plug-55.5cm, US Plug-55.5cm


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