The Smart Pet Drying Box Modern Dog Dryer is a high-powered and versatile grooming tool suitable for large dogs and cats. With its thermostatic function and adjustable drying intensity, it provides a quick and efficient drying experience.

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The Smart Pet Drying Box Modern Dog Dryer is a convenient and efficient grooming tool for pets. With its powerful AC motor and thermostatic function, it quickly and safely dries your pet’s fur after bath time. The four gears allow you to adjust the drying intensity to suit your pet’s needs. This large dog dryer is also suitable for cats, making it a versatile grooming tool for various pet sizes. The Chinese plug standard and voltage range of 210-240V ensure compatibility with most household outlets. With over 2000W of power, this CE-certified pet dryer provides a high-performance drying experience. Invest in the Smart Pet Drying Box Modern Dog Dryer for a hassle-free and effective grooming solution.


A-One-sided wind, A-Three-way wind, B-One-sided wind, B-Three-way wind


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