The H72cm Pet Cat Tree Condo is a three-layer cat tree made of wood. It features a large top perch, ball, hammock, and solid natural scratching post. Available in Grey and Beige.

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The H72cm Pet Cat Tree Condo is the perfect furniture for your feline friend. With its three-layer design, this cat tree provides endless fun and various entertainment for your cat. It features a large top perch for your cat to relax and observe its surroundings and a ball and hammock for additional playtime. The solid natural scratching post helps to keep your cat’s claws healthy and prevents them from scratching your furniture. This cat tree is made of wood and is available in two colors, Grey and Beige. It weighs 7 kg and has a height of 72 cm, making it suitable for cats of all sizes. Give your cat the ultimate climbing and scratching experience with the H72cm Pet Cat Tree Condo.




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