The Desktop Small Fish & Aquatic Pets Guppy Tank is a creative plastic building block fish water tank designed for small fish and aquatic pets like guppies and fighting fish. It features a modular design, built-in filtration system, and transparent viewing window.

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The Desktop Small Fish & Aquatic Pets Guppy Tank is a creative and unique plastic building block fish water tank. It is designed to provide a compact and functional space for keeping small fish and aquatic pets, such as guppies or fighting fish. The tank features a modular design, allowing you to easily customize and expand the tank according to your preferences. Made from high-quality plastic, it is durable and safe for your aquatic pets. The tank comes with a built-in filtration system, ensuring clean and healthy water for your fish. It also includes a feeding hole and a transparent viewing window for easy observation and maintenance. This desktop tank is a perfect addition to your home or office, bringing the beauty of underwater life to your space.


White, Blue, Yellow, Transparent, Green, Black, Red


with light, without light


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