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  • LCD Display: No
  • Volume: N/A
  • Number of gears: 1
  • Max Output: 100g
  • Min Output: N/A
  • Volume: Other
  • Min Output: Other
  • Voltage: Other
  • Material: Other

Bit Basic 10gx3, Bit Basic 100ml 45g, Bit Basic 250ml 110g, Shrimp 100ml 65g, Guppy Bit 100ml 45g, Guppy Bit 250ml 110g, Betta Bit 100ml 45g, Catfish100ml 45g, Mini Bit 100ml 45g, Mini Bit 250ml 110g, Discus mix 110g, Discus Blue 110g, Cichlid Veg 135g, Cichlid Protein 135g, Bit Basic 1L 450g


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